The Power of Microsoft Surface

There are many reasons as to why the Microsoft Surface range is one of the best enterprise machines on the market and why they are perfect for accelerating a business towards increased productivity and much higher quality of work. Although not designed specifically to be a business laptop, Surface products like the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 offer everything you could possibly need from one.

The main features that sets Surface products apart from most other common laptops on the market is that it can transform from laptop to tablet within seconds. This makes the Surface extremely portable and gives users the opportunity to use the Surface in any environment that they are in. Whether sitting at the desk or having notes up during a presentation, the Surface is ready to go when you are. When combined with other creative features such as the Pen and Surface Dial, this truly is a versatile product which encourages creativity and makes your desktop-based work as easy and accessible as possible. Along with useful features that increase ease of use there must also be a sleek, seamless design to go with it. The meticulous craftmanship of the Surface Pro cuts no corners when it comes to using the highest quality materials and its stunning screens make you forget about technology, leaving only your ideas behind.

Although sleeks designs and impressive features are all attractive and vital in a premium product, this only goes to waste if the performance of a product does not live up to its appearance. With Surface Pro products, this is most certainly not the case. Whilst some people may have the perception that laptop-tablets aren’t as powerful as regular laptops and serve more as an iPad than a desktop, the truth is in fact quite the opposite. Surface Pro products are capable of running the most professional apps, games and 4k entertainment, all on stunning PixelSense™. Running at high speeds means that Surface products can cope with your high workload and never slow you down, allowing you to power on throughout the day.

As Microsoft products, Surfaces are of course engineered to be the best at running Office and Windows. It goes without saying that these two giants of the computer system and software worlds have endless capabilities. When utilised in conjunction with a machine designed with this software in mind, the opportunities for growth and development are endless.

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