risual are passionate about IT and are proud to be a technical lead company, leading with knowledge and expertise to deliver the best service to its clients. risual have split the offerings into three transformation pillars: Cloud, Business, Digital.


In recent years it has been clear that a lot of organisations are migrating to the cloud; it’s been a big topic within the IT community of late. risual are helping businesses along the transformation journey, developing delivery models to the cloud, adapting to multi-cloud environments and more.


This is primarily focused on digitizing services for the business. This has become a priority for a lot of organisations recently and is key to providing new revenue and services.


risual helps organisations with their products, solutions, and the way they are brought to market. So, automating processes or increasing Dynamics 365business skills, making businesses best in their sector.

The Partnership

Moving on, risual’s partner, Automated Intelligence, is crucial in delivering data-driven services within the risual portfolio.

Automated Intelligence was set up in 2010 and is an independent software vendor that has developed a leading data management solution.

It saw, as did risual, that multiple organisations are migrating to the cloud and transforming in order to get real benefits from their technology. It was clear that data was key to all organisations’ transformation journeys. Automated Intelligence empowers companies to take control of their data in order to take control of their future.

It provides insights on the value of data, whether it is legacy, useful, crucial to the business, a GDPR risk or no longer required by the organisation. Automated Intelligence also provides wider data management solutions, including data cleansing, data governance, and data migration.

Working Together

Automated Intelligence and risual have been working in partnership for multiple years, however, 2019 has seen the relationship strengthen. The partnership allows both parties to provide key insights that sit firmly in what both companies offer separately.

In parallel to Microsoft’s thinking, we view our relationships with clients not as transactional but as an insightful relationship where we have the privilege of providing our clients with the most up-to-date information, news, and technology.

In recent opportunities we have seen challenges that clients want to take advantage of their data, but they are struggling to get to a place where they feel confident in their data processes, storage, and management.

The partnership allows organisations to find how much of their data is valuable and how much they actually need to keep. This allows risual to give the understanding to help shape the modern workplace and provide a great user experience.

Real traction is now happening through the partnership; Automated Intelligence’s tooling partnered with risual’s expertise is allowing more successful transformations.

What makes the partnership unique?

Wrapping risual’s expertise, service lead approach, and experience around AI’s data product is already seeing success. The way we work with our clients is making them realise the best value out of their investments, getting them to where they want to go.

Automated Intelligence’s offering sits perfectly within risual’s Cloud Transformation portfolio, making sure that our clients are not spending time, money and effort on data or systems that they don’t need to be. We are making sure that the customer continues their transformation journeys and successfully reaches their end goals.

This is about not just getting them to the cloud platform but supporting them once they get there – monitoring data and providing the correct governance around this, harnessing the data and optimising it to the client’s advantage.

What value does the client see?

Automated Intelligence/risual’s clients have access to both organisations throughout their engagements. This means that the client has access to multiple expertise, services, experiences, and products through a two-pronged approach.

Both Automated Intelligence and risual collaborate successfully, providing what would normally be two companies, two bills, two services all under one offering. This seamless, joined-up approach allows the client to benefit from the unified partnership.

Both companies believe that it is not just about deploying a product or rolling out Office 365, its success for the client. It is all about identifying what the end goal is for the customer and getting them to that point.

What does this partnership mean for Microsoft?

Both risual and Automated Intelligence are Microsoft Gold Partners.

risual also has a number of other accreditations/awards under our belt such as:

  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015
  • PSNS Finalist of the year 2016
  • 1 of less than 5 companies on all 4 lots of the NHS Shared Business Services Framework
  • All offerings on G Cloud 11

The work risual and Automated Intelligence are doing together highlights to Microsoft the importance of both companies. But it also shows that two separate partners, both experts in their fields, are working collaboratively and successfully together. This demonstrates the importance of the work risual and Automated Intelligence are completing in partnership with one another.

Automated Intelligence and risual have combined forces to make a big impact – to help clients realise data’s full value and optimising it to its full potential, as well as leveraging our broad spectrum of contacts, resources, and capabilities to transform organisations.

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