What is success?

Success is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:

“The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

“The good or bad outcome of an undertaking.”

But what really makes someone achieve success (successful) compared to someone who doesn’t (unsuccessful)?

Well previously, I discussed ambition and what can make someone ambitious vs someone with no ambition, you can check out that blog here:

And similarly, to the three pillars of creating an ambitious person, the three pillars of a successful person are:

  • Upbringing
    • Like in the blog all around ambition, upbringing can either motivate people or de-motivate them. From pushing people to want to do better than their current situation, so creating a desire to ‘do better’ to creating a comfort-zone in their upbringing so that the person in question doesn’t want change because they are so used to what they know and therefore will never want to surpass that and succeed further.
  • Ambition
    • It is clear that an ambitious person is more likely to succeed that a non-ambitious person, you can read all about ambition in the blog linked above. The driving factor for a successful person is often that they want to succeed, they have that drive to go above and beyond and to keep building on their goals not stopping once they’ve achieved the first aspiration.
  • Ability
    • This is less about a person’s ability to do a task e.g. run fast or use Adobe because they can all be learned through experience and training. Ability is more around someone’s ability to adapt, to learn and to change for certain scenarios. A successful person like I said in the previous point, builds on their goals once they’ve achieved them – they are never stagnant. And a successful person’s ability to keep learning, to keep driving and to keep adapting is what makes them successful.

But what do you think makes someone successful? 


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