Skype Contact Removal Issue

We have recently encountered an issue regarding being unable to remove certain Skype for Business contacts from person S4B groups within the users Skype client. Let me give you some more information surrounding the issue…

The user informed me that a couple of his colleagues had recently left the business and he no longer needed them in his contact list. We attempted to delete the contacts manually from the users client. This failed.

After some research we found an article explaining a command explaining the ‘Invoke-CsUcsRollback’ command. This PowerShell command removes a user’s contacts from the Unified Contact Store and, instead, stores that contact information in Skype for Business Server.

To use this PowerShell Command you will need to:

  1. Import the Skype For Business PowerShell module.
  2. Find out the users username.
  3. Run the command ‘Invoke-CsUcsRollback –Identity <username>’
  4. Then finally attempt to delete a content from the users Skype for Business client.

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps!

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