Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing – An Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing is a powerful tool that has been gradually implemented over the last few months here at risual. This tool’s capabilities are extensive and spread across the entire marketing spectrum.

MDM allows you to create and distribute various forms of detailed marketing content to specific target audiences, allowing for pinpoint accuracy when targeting clients. This tool also allows you to collect and analyse the results of all marketing activity, meaning you can see tangible results from your marketing efforts which, for many businesses, is not possible.

Creating and nurturing leads is one of the main purposes of marketing, but this is taken to a whole other level with MDM. Multi-channel campaigns and personalised customer journeys allow for the generation of higher quality leads which can be tracked until the sale, meaning marketing teams can see results that they help create.

Another great benefit of MDM is that it can help with the alignment of sales and marketing teams. In a well-organised company, a marketing should be able to directly support a sales team with high quality leads, whilst sales can return the support in assistance with specific marketing content. MDM creates a seamless client experience through marketing automation, shared data and connected processes with Dynamics 365 Sales.

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