I blogged previously about my cycling whilst working away here.

Each time I am assigned to work for a week at a client, I try and take my bike with me. It takes a lot more effort to prepare another set of kit, and putting the bike and other equipment in the car. It allows me to get out and about after a days work. I can keep a small part of my home life going, by making sure I keep my cycling up (and I can eat guilt-free).

Autumn has started to bring different challenges, with extra kit required. My Summer assignments were nice and easy in terms of cycling kit. With Autumn well and truly here, I need to add in a different bike with mudgauards, a different set of much warmer clothing, as well as some high powered lights and lots of reflective stuff to make sure I can see, and be seen.

I might go out and get a little bit cold, and in some cases absolutely soaked, but it really is worth it for mental well being. Just being able to put the laptop down, and go and look after yourself for a while. I’d like to say enjoying the countryside, but really apart from the patch of light in front of my front wheel, there isn’t much to see.

The effort is worth it, and I’ll keep it in my Sunday routine to load up the car with cycling gear and keep discovering new places, new routes. I can’t wait for the Summer and light nights to come back so I can see new places, but this winter cycling is an investment for what is to come in the summer.

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