How can you get exercise into your daily routine?

In my role as an Employer Engagement Manager with risual Education I find it a real challenge to ensure I get regular exercise. My work requires me to be sat at a desk, in meetings, in the car or on a train for much of the time. This potentially toxic mix of inactivity is likely to confront a significant percentage of working people. In the last few years I have worked hard on making relatively small changes to my routine that have had a positive effect on my physical and mental wellbeing so here are a few tips you might consider for yourself.

• Use the stairs where possible when in office buildings, hotels etc.
• Don’t spend too long at a desk without getting up and moving around for short periods.
• Go and speak to a colleague in a nearby office rather than phoning or emailing them.
• Take a walk at lunchtime even if it is only for 10-15 minutes.
• When travelling to meetings by car try and park leaving a short walk to your destination.
• Use the train when travelling into city centre locations and walk to meetings that are relatively near.
• When staying at a hotel avoid eating dinner there and walk to an alternative eating place.

If you take a look at my tips you will see a common theme – walking! You will also see that there is no mention of a gym anywhere in the list. As an avid road cyclist and someone who doesn’t consider a gym an alien concept I do take advantage of opportunities to take part in more intensive exercise. However, I have found over the last few years (especially as I grow older) that walking has become an integral part of my routine that helps to keep mind and body fit and healthy.

On a less serious note if you must go to the pub for a pint of beer (other drinks are available) make sure it’s a good walk to get there and take the dog with you.

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