With a new government due to take shape in December, you might think the IT strategy for 2020 and beyond might change but it’s highly unlikely given the strides made, the advances in cloud, increase in cybersecurity threats and the rapid importance of data.

Still suffering from the consequences of the post-financial crash years, the vast majority of the public sector and suppliers like risual within the tech sector remain absolutely committed to reducing waste, delivering modern public services at a lower cost and driving of a culture which embraces cloud, business and digital transformation.

The greatest challenge to all employees, is having skilled people, capable of keeping up with the ever-changing IT landscape and investing in learning and development. That’s why we make significant investments in learning and development across our business.

The UK has done a good job of achieving one of its strategic aims to exit as many large single supplier and multi-year IT contracts as this was proving financially irresponsible and hindering progress.

Unlike those traditional suppliers, risual as a Managed Service supplier prides itself on providing bespoke, tailored services which are extremely affordable and importantly agile and innovative. With regular service reviews, leveraging data and the latest in technology, all parties during their tenures with us seek to improve the level of service to meet or exceed expectations.

Unlike many of our counterparts within the sector, we are conscious and acutely aware of our responsibility and if we can support clients bringing more services in-house, we will absolutely do that and if and where we are required to be an extension of an existing IT team we will absolutely do that as well. Starting with a Service Design Plan risual helps its clients exit those long-term, expensive and monolithic contracts and replace it with something they desire, want and need!

The likelihood is that over the coming years whilst the UK government has a desire for those multi-year contracts to come to an end, we will move much more to a hybrid of in-house with some partial support to plug those skills gaps where it is more costly to hire heads. Working with Azure experts such as ourselves who can assist with complex things such as Machine Learning; the maintenance and support of newer technologies which become essential to a workforce like Teams; protecting and securing sensitive data; providing optimisation tooling which can help organisations make financial decisions is where external partners such as risual are being called for.

In addition to this there is also a growing desire from society to not just achieve doing more with less, but for us to be responsible environmentally. In October 2019, the Government released a Sustainability Technology Report which highlights a number of achievements already made and highlights a direction of travel we as suppliers need to be acutely aware of. Performance highlights include:

  • At least of 3.5 million e-conferences were held across government helping minimise the need to travel
  • Data Centre and Cloud Hosting suppliers, were asked formally for energy consumption data relating to the services we have consumed
  • A more accurate ICT energy consumption figure was achieved through amending reporting processes

By harnessing technology, the benefits will not be just financial and economical, they will be morally and environmentally beneficial. In line with the Government’s current strategy and the one that will be continued post December 2019, risual stands ready to assist public and commercial entities meet and achieve the following objectives and commitments on a 24/7 basis / 365 days a year.

Fig.17 Strategy Statement Infographic from Sustainability Technology Report

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