An Introduction to the risual and Automated Intelligence Partnership


Automated Intelligence and risual have been in partnership for many years, but 2019 has seen the relationship develop into a stronger, more successful partnership.

Vivian Lines, Partner Account Manager at risual Ltd, works within the Sales division, overseeing and managing risual’s partners. Vivian focusses solely on the go-to market strategy with each individual partner and any other collaborative pieces.

Eamon O’Connor, Partner Solutions Specialist, has been at Automated Intelligence for over 5 years, across pre-sales, consulting and now in a partner management role.

How did the risual and Automated Intelligence partnership come about?

There has been a historic relationship between Automated Intelligence and risual, Automated Intelligence coming from an information management background and risual from a transformation strategy perspective. Immediately, both companies saw the potential for collaboration and transformation.

2019 is where we have seen the partnership strengthen and grow as risual and Automated Intelligence’s go to market strategy was developed and the ‘Golden Proposition’ finalised!

Automated Intelligence helps organisations to take control of their data quickly and easily, delivering insights from unstructured data across organisations, regardless of source. This uncovers and reduces both risk and associated cost within data, and through interactive dashboards, enables future information management and compliance with key legalisation.

Over recent years, businesses have been looking into their data, especially, with the new GDPR laws in place. Both Automated Intelligence and risual wanted to increase collaboration and success, aiming to help businesses on their transformation journeys. That’s how the partnership was born.

How will Automated Intelligence and risual be working together in the future?

So far Automated Intelligence has been working closely with risual, forging the relationship with ATU members, getting an understanding of risual products and helping support risual to enable clients to succeed. Both Automated Intelligence and risual have seen real traction from their collaboration with great outcomes, real success, and a strong relationship.

The way IT and risual is moving is towards the transformation culture. Businesses are realising that in order to remain competitive, they must consider the current business strategy in this rapidly changing digital age. As transformation experts with over 10 years of experience, risual are aware that the three transformation pillars are crucial and need to underpin all business timelines as clients move along their transformation journeys.

risual are incorporating this into their engagements, and ensuring Automated Intelligence is embedded into the client journey. Whether it be moving to the cloud, managing data or finding out what data is useful, Automated Intelligence is on hand to support risual’s clients with their strategy.

The Automated Intelligence and risual partnership is strong and both are confident in the potential for a bright future.

What’s Next?

Automated Intelligence and risual have seen the success of their partnership help clients in some unique challenges. Recently, Automated Intelligence and risual have been working with a well-known international charity who came to risual as their partner of choice with a data-related problem.
risual’s account manager had worked with this client since the beginning of its transformation journey and the timing was right to introduce Automated Intelligence. This client needed to consider its data before it moved to the cloud and Automated Intelligence was brought in to bring its expertise on the importance of data to the table.
The client wanted to move to a consolidated environment in O365 whilst transforming and analysing the current data to take it to a single tenant. The data was stored in multiple environments and the client really struggled to find a solution.
That’s where risual and Automated Intelligence came in.
The client has really seen the value in the Automated Intelligence and risual partnership; the Automated Intelligence/risual team are working with the client to bring the solution to life – bringing a single view to all their data, making sense of their data, and showing the value of the data.
Automated Intelligence and risual are both looking forward to future opportunities to collaborate and support clients.

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