A culture of Quality: Achieving Quality Without Even Realising It

Happy World Quality Day 2019!

Quality Management has empowered organisations to succeed, regardless of their sector and across all geographies. Likewise, it has made significant contributions to advancements in IT services, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, energy, defence and transportation.

This year marks an exciting milestone for Quality Management as it is the CQI’s [Charted Quality Institute] centenary year. Celebrating the lasting impact of quality management discipline and the positive effects it has had on advancing different types of businesses over the last 100 years. Yet, it is not just a milestone in the global view of quality management, but also much closer to home here at risual!

risual, is now firmly underway in aiming to achieve the ISO 9001 certificate in quality management. The quality management system we are establishing will implement the following;

·         greater efficiency and less waste

·         better and consistent control of major business processes

·         a better understanding of customer needs

·         regulation of successful working practices

·         improved risk management

·         increased customer satisfaction

·         better internal communication

·         greater consistency in the quality of services

·         increased profits

·         reduction of costly errors

·         an embedded culture of quality

All of the above are important but “an embedded culture of quality” I believe stands to be the most crucial point. Our Quality Management System [QMS] will ensure that a certain standard of quality in our processes, procedures, policies, hubs, SharePoints, etc, will be achieved and maintained throughout the entire organization. More importantly, however, because “Quality” will be the core focus of everything that is completed – we will achieve it in all aspects of the organisation subconsciously!

Four factors that drive quality as a cultural value as oppose to just “business needs” are: leadership emphasis, message credibility, peer involvement, and employee ownership of quality issue. These are all things which will be fundamental in risual’s Quality Management System [QMS] and will assist in embedding a culture of quality across all teams within the organisation.

Globally conducted research ‘explores how companies can create a culture in which employees’ “live” quality in all their actions’, where they are passionate about quality as a personal value rather than simply seeing it as a task which must be done. We define a “true culture of quality” as an environment in which employees not only follow quality guidelines but also consistently see others taking quality-focused actions and hear others talking about quality, there whole work in practice is determined by the quality they and their colleagues are constantly attaining. In essence, quality here at risual has always and continues to be all about you and what you do in your role.

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