We recently completed a Wellbeing challenge at work which involved splitting the whole company up into teams and completing as many miles as possible within a limited timeframe by walking, running, biking etc. With the aim to as a team, to virtually travel from risual’s HQ to one of our Partner’s HQ’s, back to risual HQ and then back to another Partner. A total of 1,755.50 miles to travel per team!

I volunteered to be one of the ‘Team Leaders’ and became the captain of ‘Team Raccoon’, this involved supporting and encouraging my teammates and generally ridiculing the other teams (light-hearted ribbing) to ensure we achieved a better than expected mid table finish.

Initially being someone that enjoyed being out on my mountain bike and going out for runs, I thought this could be up my street and had already joined the risual strava group to try and help me in my mission to help me get fitter and lose some weight.

After a few weeks of continuing what I had been doing (a few runs and rides) I began to realise that I was increasing my activities and in fact I was beginning to enjoy the competition of getting myself and my team up the leader board and more importantly was really pushing myself for the first time in a few years.

Every morning I would get up early to go on my bike, if I had a free lunch time the same and after work, I would jump on the saddle again and the hours and miles increased. As the Wellbeing challenge came to its conclusion we certainly hadn’t come first, and I was a million miles behind the leaders but as a team we had all done well and myself…… I had lost a stone, two inches round my waist but more importantly I had found my passion for exercise again.