What is Cloud Platform?

If you’re a non-techy like me, then you probably hear the term ‘Cloud Platform’ said a lot but may have no idea what it means.

Well don’t fret anymore as here are the basics on Cloud Platform…

In simple terms, Cloud Platform allows applications to be hosted on it. So, when you think of your Word or your Excel all those applications are hosted on the Cloud Platform. For the more techy person the Cloud Platform allows software developers to work on developing, running and testing only cloud-based applications and we can all make use of the extra services the cloud has to offer.

But you may be thinking why do we need the cloud platform?

For a techy, like a developer this platform is suited to their needs in place of the needs of the end-user. The cloud platform allows for easier scalability of resources on cloud services along with services and pplications that are much cheaper compared to on-premise data centres. And of course, as with all cloud services, it can be accessed only through the internet.

Another benefit is that for each cloud application to operate it normally has to have a platform built per application. The cloud stops that problem, allowing for one platform to host all applications – saving time in creation, development and costs in hosting.

In conclusion, Cloud Platform allows you to host your application on one single platform instead of multiple environments. Allowing for greater value from your Microsoft investments!

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