risual, A FastTrack Ready Partner

risual have been named one of less than 20 FastTrack Ready Partners in the UK.

But what does this mean?

FastTrack is a Microsoft Partner Programme designed to drive digital transformation through usage and consumption of Microsoft licensed products. This program’s goal is to speed-up processes, give benefits and help with data migrations at no extra cost BECAUSE you’re already taking the cost of your Microsoft licenses, it is purely a benefit of your Microsoft subscription.

FastTrack covers all products within the Microsoft stack, primarily (but not excluded to):

  • SharePoint
  • Skype
  • OneDrive
  • Teams
  • AADP
  • Windows 10
  • And more!

Here at risual we are keen on transformation and working with Microsoft simply allows us to provide a wider variety of resources and guidance that will improve our client’s efficiency, consumption and optimise potential.

This means we have gone through strict auditing on our FastTrack documentation, processes and team to see whether we are good enough to provide the highest quality FastTrack Services. And we are!

Once again, I will mention, that FastTrack is a complimentary benefit included within your subscription. With over sixty thousand engagements it is a proven process time and time again to increase awareness and consumption. It offers:

  • A remote technical onboarding experience
  • Project coordination
  • Email and data migration services for those with over five-hundred seats
  • Adoption resources, adoption starter kits – including templates
  • Best practices, self-serve tools, resources and remote adoption workshops
  • Hands on delivery for a more tailored service
  • Consulting services to give you our technical resource
  • Custom adoption artefacts
  • Change management specialists

FastTrack aims to provide expert end-to-end guidance, allowing the customer to realize the business value with FastTrack’s proven process.

All in all, FastTrack allows us to help our clients to accelerate their transformation whether it be cloud, digital or business orientated. Getting our clients where they want to be with less cost, less hassle and a complete successful transformation.

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