Microsoft Forms Pro – What’s New and What’s coming?

Hey Guys, I recently attended a Microsoft Forms Pro Feature update webinar and thought I’d share some of the new features.

What’s New?

Survey Incentives

Microsoft Forms Pro will be integrating with Microsoft Rewards in order to provide users with survey incentives. When a user completes a survey, they will be given promo code to enter weekly sweepstakes to win prizes. This is only available in the USA

Embed Survey in Email

The survey will embed the first question into the email invitation, in order for the respondent to answer directly from the email.

Survey Settings

  • There will be an option to hide question numbers from the respondent
  • There will be an option to customize the survey footer text
  • There will be an option to skip contact creation to whom the invite is sent to

Survey Response in Dynamics 365

Users will be able to have a comprehensive view of survey responses from the Dynamics 365 activity timeline. This view included:

  • Sentiment
  • Net Promoter Score
  • All questions on the main form

Customer Satisfaction Power BI Template App

Gives users insights to reports that links customer feedback with the cases. This app helps analyse both customers satisfaction and user’s performance.


What’s coming soon?

Survey Link Expiration: Able to automatically close a survey when it has exceeded the set duration

Branching Rule Improvements: Automatically reset answers in cascading questions when the top question answer is changed

Progress Bar: Shows progress bar on multiple section surveys

Rich Text Improvements: Support for rich text format on section text and footer text

Compact Mode for Embedded Survey: Support for compressed display mode when in compact mode

Admin Usage Dashboard: Shows usage information to admins


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