Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Insights October 19 Release

Recently I took part in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service feature update webinar and thought I’d share some of the highlighted features that are being released to General Availability and Public Preview in October 2019.

What’s new to General Availability?

  • Timeline Usability Enhancements: Users will be able to see a larger amount of information and filter to see specific activities. As there will be a larger amount of visibility of the timeline there would be less need to scroll.
  • Service Scheduling Migration Tool: Allows migration of legacy configuration and service appointment data to the new service scheduling experience.
  • SMS: Gives users the ability to interact with customers in a timely and convenient manner. The ability to have 2-way conversations will through SMS will help organizations to improve their customer satisfaction and reduce support costs.
  • Knowledge Management: Users will have the improved ability to author articles which includes copy, pasting, drag and dropping of images. Users will also have the ability to easily select and upload from the File Explorer.
  • Knowledge Management Search and Rendering Enhancement: Provides users with extended filtering capabilities.
  • Knowledge Article Template: Users can use Out of the Box templates with the ability to create, edit and delete templates as needed. Users will also have the ability to reuse content and maintain consistent branding.

What’s new to Public Preview?

  • Facebook Messaging: Users will have the ability to use Facebook messaging to engage with customers, providing them with a more personalised experience.
  • Guide Agent Interactions with Scripts: Users will have the ability to provide step-by-step guidance. These steps can be automated based on the different session types. For example, chats or phone calls.
  • Proactive Chat: Users will have the ability to automatically invite customers to conversations based on rules that have been configured.
  • Sentiment Analysis Enhancement: Additional Languages and sentiment alerts will be improved.
  • Multiple-Provider Support: Enables user interface level integration where they get a unified experience, while 3rd party channels are routed by respective channel providers.
  • Skills Based Routing: Users will have the ability to route conversations based in their skills and proficiencies.
  • User Navigation History: Users will have the ability to view additional information on the “Customer Summary” page to be able to understand activity on websites such as pages visited.
  • Macros: Users will have the ability to automate repetitive tasks with just a single click.
  • Notification Customisation: Users will have the ability to receive notifications and custom pop ups that include relevant information based on their business needs.

What’s new to Insights General Availability?

  • Additional Insights Capabilities: There will be an improved dashboard navigation allowing users to better decisions more quickly. Along with new metrics that help measure customer impact.
  • Improved Integrations across Business Applications: There will be an easier integration with Dynamics and other applications to improve access to insights which will help users better understand customer service.
  • Get Insights with Context: Integration with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service applications makes it easier to act on insights on core case management.
  • Topic Generation based on Non-English Case Titles: AI-generated topics from case data will be supported in French, German, Spanish and mix-Latin languages.


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