Azure Quick Tip – Enable Change Tracking on Web Apps

One of the best troubleshooting techniques an engineer can use when diagnosing a fault, is to find out what has changed to cause the issue in the first place!

You are now able to enable change tracking on Azure Web App services, which gives you the ability to quickly identify changes to the properties of the application and even the code.

This functionality is not enabled by default on your web application and does require manual intervention to enable this. To enable this, you need to do the following:

  • Navigate to your Azure Web App in the Azure Portal
  • Select Diagnose and Solve problems from the Overview Page

  • Select Availability and Performance
  • Press Application Changes

  • Select Enable now to enable Change Analysis

  • Turn Change Analysis On and hit Save

You now have change tracking enabled and you have another tool to add to your troubleshooting arsenal!




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