Azure Optimisation

At risual, we understand that having control is a priority. Whether it be control over your data, your expenditure or your employees – it’s all important.

When you invest a lot of money into a platform you want to see value, so when you invest into a secure cloud platform you want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. And this is done through optimising the technology you have to its full potential. Throughout this you also want complete control and management of your costs so you can see the benefit of your investments.

So, where does this leave azure optimisation?

Using a set of reports and dashboards through the Enterprise Agreement Azure Management portal azure optimisation can aid in both proactive and reactive cost management. The reports/dashboards use Microsoft Power BI to create analytics on real time information and predicting future costs – all to provide you insights into your costs.

By providing more clarity on your expenditure the dashboards and reports on your Azure subscription help you successfully and more efficiently manage your costs.

Allow azure optimisation to enable your business to increase clarity, control and consumption of your investments.


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