Azure Migrate – A Central Hub

So you’ve heard us shouting about our latest Microsoft accreditation the Azure Expert MSP, but what does this mean?

It means Microsoft has given us their gold sticker of approval in a way, that we are the best of the best of their Gold Partners. We’re in the top 0.02% of all Microsoft Partners GLOBALLY to have this certification so naturally, we’re proud.

But speaking of azure we thought it was time to share with you a central hub for starting, tracking and executing your Azure Migrations… the Azure Migrate.

Azure Migrate allows you to explore, analyse and migrate all your on-premise applications, platforms and data. It’s a central platform, allowing you to plan and report on the progress of your migration across multiple Microsoft and independent software vendor (ISV) tools. Use Azure Migrate to streamline your migration journey.

Azure Migrate offers 4 key things:

  •  Effective Azure and popular ISV assessment and migration tools.
  • Across the entire migration, tracking for server and databases.
  • Regardless of how large the VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers are Azure Migrate can provide assessment and migration.
  • Varied options and tools for migration web applications.

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