Azure Domain Join Extension Error

We recently overcame an issue with the Azure Domain Join extension when attempting to provision a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool. The template automatically deploys the domain join extension to the WVD VM’s.

Following the deployment failure we checked the extensions on the newly created VM, found the “joindomain” extension and selected “View Detailed Status”.

We were greeted with the following error:

“code”: “ComponentStatus/JoinDomainException for Option 3 meaning ‘User Specified’/failed/1”,
“level”: “Error”,
“displayStatus”: “Provisioning failed”,
“message”: “ERROR – Failed to join domain=’’, ou=’OU=Servers,OU=JARCARS,DC=jarcars,DC=org’, user=’’, option=’NetSetupJoinDomain, NetSetupAcctCreate’ (#3 meaning ‘User Specified’). Error code 1355”
“code”: “ComponentStatus/JoinDomainException for Option 1 meaning ‘User Specified without NetSetupAcctCreate’/failed/1”,
“level”: “Error”,
“displayStatus”: “Provisioning failed”,
“message”: “ERROR – Failed to join domain=’’, ou=’OU=Servers,OU=JARCARS,DC=jarcars,DC=org’, user=’’, option=’NetSetupJoinDomain’ (#1 meaning ‘User Specified without NetSetupAcctCreate’). Error code 1355”


This error did more to throw us off the actual problem with it mentioning users and permissions than the actual cause. Turns out Error code 1355 means the domain controller is not contactable which was odd because the DC was up and running. After checking the DNS Servers on the VNET we realised we had made the rookie mistake of not setting a custom DNS entry for the domain controller so whist the WVD VM was provisioning it was not able to resolve the internal domain. After adding the internal IP of the DC to the VNET DNS servers the next attempt at provisioning a WVD pool succeeded.

This was a quickly thrown together lab so it just shows to not rush things as this can cause more delays. Hope this helps someone diagnose their problem!

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