The risual Summit 2019

Hi All!

As you know we recently had the risual Summit and all I can say is what a day!

We spent the morning listening to our colleagues discuss data, tech and people in some really insightful sessions! (One of the sessions even had cake!)

Then we pottered down to Rowley Park for the afternoon to undergo the first risual Olympics!

Keep reading to find out which team won…

We spent our afternoon running, catching, throwing, jumping and all other kinds of things whilst all trying to go for gold! Unfortunately, only one team won and this team although not gold in colour certainly smashed the leader board!

A big congratulations to Team Silver! They won the day!

But lets not forget the rest of the teams who all put in lots of effort, determination and teamwork!

The morning also saw a special announcements…

Kate, our Operations Director, celebrated her 10 year anniversary with risual so of course this meant lots of embarrassing photos and a few wild stories! But most of all we wanted to thank Kate for her service of now over 10 years here at risual, she’s been kind, thoughtful and the first to offer help when needed. Thank you Kate!

And another big announcement mentioned in the keynote was the long awaited date of the risual Christmas Party!

With less than 100 days to go until Christmas we can now book our Christmas Party in! On the 7th December keep your eyes peeled for lots of festive fun!

And for those who say it’s too soon for Christmas we say Ba-Humbug!

But all in all the risual Summit 2019 was a great success! And the whole risual family can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year!


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