Readying ourselves & others for Brexit

As it stands, we are officially leaving the European Union on the 31st October 2019.

The UK government has and keeps up to date the following webpage with its official guidance – In addition to this, please note a series of events aimed at supporting businesses are being held around the country. Registration for these events are free.

As a business, risual felt it was important to not ignore Brexit and in the run up to it and the weeks after Brexit we will be posting a series of posts aimed at providing insight into what we are hearing, seeing and sometimes supporting our clients with as we all go through this turbulent time.

Since the referendum result, risual has spent considerable time and effort focussing on process automation to drive efficiencies, improvements in client satisfaction and make us a more effective business so that we are robust to weather any turbulent market conditions.

In many ways Brexit has been a blessing for us and many other organisations we work with, as it has focussed minds on ensuring productivity improvements which should help us all in the longer term and help set us up for greater successes in future.

The lessons we have learnt from this exercise has proved invaluable and is being used to support some of our clients who have been seeking to achieve:

• Greater collaboration between supplier and supply chain
• Staff development and retention
• Improved profitability to absorb fluctuating markets

Rather then standing still we have continued to invest and find ourselves as one of only a handful of Microsoft partners in the UK and globally as a FastTrack Ready Partner and an Azure Expert MSP. Likewise, we have noticed many of our clients are doing the same and ‘getting on with it’ by using technology as it should be to enhance their services to both citizens and customers.

The final months of 2019 will no doubt continue to be turbulent and we will be ready to help clients of all shapes and sizes with minor, medium or major crisis’.

Over the coming weeks we will highlight some specific offerings from our Cloud, Business and Digital Transformation portfolio which are either being used or considered by some of our clients to prepare for a life after Brexit.


HM Treasury are running a series of webinars to support those who exporting goods and services. You can register by clicking here.


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