Recently, one of my clients have been testing the Android Enterprise Fully Managed (preview) for their device rollout and noticed the native device apps, including the camera app, was removed from the device at the time of enrolment with Microsoft Intune and the provided QR code.

If you are wondering how to resolve this, you will need to download the QR code as an image and decode this using one of many online QR decoders.

Once you have the syntax, which should look like the below:

{””,”<CHECKSUM>”, :””,{“”:”<TOKEN>”}


Add in the “” statement at the beginning of the code and then reencode the QR using one of the many online QR encoders to produce the new QR code. This should look like this:

{,””,”<CHECKSUM>”, :””,{“”:”<TOKEN>”}


Once you have this new QR code, run through the device enrolment as you have previously and you will find that the native device apps, including the camera, are now available.

I also understand Microsoft are working on a solution to this presently and hopefully we’ll see an option next to the Intune QR code to enable/disable the native device apps before producing the QR code. Watch this space!

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