Importing Data, Dynamics 365 Talent

One of the great features available with all the Dynamics modules, is that you can bulk upload data. This means if your currently using a different solution and what to migrate to a Microsoft Dynamics solution you can transfer all your current data over with very little difficulty. This function is available by using Excel worksheets.

In this blog im going to show you how easy it can be to upload bulk data into Dynamics 365 for Talent.

First you need to navigate to the “System Administration” Tab on the left hand side

Once your in there you’ll need to click the the “Links” tab along the top. Then click on the “Excel Workbook Designer”.

Once you know which form you would like to insert the data to you can search for it and click “Create Workbook”

Once the Excel workbook has downloaded, it will open up with the data already inserted on that form along with the Talent Add in for Excel.

You can then insert the data ready to be imported. If any of the data you are trying to import is in the incorrect format then the Talent Add in will show an error message. Once all the errors have been corrected, you can then click on “Publish”. All the data in the workbook will then be imported into the Talent system.

If any data is deleted whilst working in the Excel workbook, then it will be removed from the system when the workbook is published.

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