Framing the Digital Challenge

A few months back, we took the decision to re-shape our service portfolio in line with market trends and client insight. Through this process, we juggled with the term ‘Digital Transformation’ and how we, as a trusted advisor to many clients can help frame the digital challenge. As we have seen in recent years, digital transformation means different things to different organisations. Initially, we focused on there only being two transformation types; cloud and digital. As we explored the capabilities of both, it became increasingly apparent that there are three transformation scenarios that organisations can benefit from. Cloud and digital can be augmented by business transformation. So, we took it upon ourselves to define what we mean by the term digital and how we can help our clients drive value through the heart of their business.

In defining the term digital transformation, we examined what value means to our clients and how they can benefit from firstly transforming IT services through cloud transformation, followed by modernising business applications and services (our definition of business transformation). That left the third aspect to transformation. Thinking back to the word value, we settled on our definition of digital transformation as being;

• Increase insight and outcomes
• Enhance customer engagement
• Create better revenue and growth
• Redefine services

Good outcomes matter to all business leaders who are typically measured on many aspects such as holding down costs, driving increased revenue, understanding and mitigating risk caused by volatility and improving employee morale. Investing in positive outcomes that drive value is therefore vital to continuing the success of any organisation, whether public or private sector. When we think about the digital challenge, our natural reaction is to dive straight to the technology. Whilst this is sometimes useful, it doesn’t always answer the question our clients are seeking to achieve.

So, how do we think and deliver digital? Where do we start?

If we go back to our definition of digital transformation, its fairly easy to see a pattern emerging. Businesses will drive success by understanding and enhancing their customer’s experience. A colleague of mine summed this up perfectly, when he remonstrated about “sitting on the phone for 20 minutes just to order a new bin from the local council”. That might seem a bit innocuous, yet, just asking customers how they want to access the services you offer neatly frames the digital challenge.

Instead of thinking on their behalf (yep, seen those sorts of digital projects), just ask.

So, what happens if you then get swamped by different needs, wondering how to unpick it all, how much it will all cost and how you will even go about it? This is where risual’s unique digital portfolio comes into play. We have redefined our services to cater for any need. Whether you are embarking on wholesale digital transformation of entire services, or wish to drive value incrementally; we can help you shape, understand and determine the road to success. Check out our portfolio on the G-Cloud 11 Framework.

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