DevOps – Solutions to Problems

DevOps is a term that is becoming increasingly common in businesses around the world, especially those in the IT sector that rely heavily on their Software Developers and their IT Operators. DevOps is said to be ‘the friction-free collaboration between Development and Operations’. This simply means that DevOps is an IT mindset that adopts the communication, collaboration, integration and automation between a company’s software developers and IT operators in hopes for improved speed and quality of delivering software.

DevOps is currently on the rise due to the number of issues that it helps to resolve and the number of business aspects that it helps to improve, one of which is delivering value to customers. No matter the size of a company or the industry it’s in, delivering value to customers is of paramount importance. DevOps provides a way for companies to align technology to core business objectives and a strong DevOps strategy will provide more value to customers by removing or automating repetitive and low-value tasks, thus enabling DevOps teams to get high quality solutions to clients faster.

Linking to this point, by significantly reducing the cycle time from developer to production, the time taken to deliver value to the customer is reduced. Because the DevOps process encourages agility and flexibility, teams are able to make changes to the platform and roll out brand new features as and when they wish. Consistent testing and deployment also make identifying and patching bugs and issues much quicker, meaning that customers feel like they are getting the best care rather than having to wait long periods of time for a solution.

In summary, DevOps aligns a company’s people and resources around the same goals. When these two crucial teams work together, new efficiencies can be driven through increased visibility and communication and teams are centred around rapid action, creating a far more efficient company where problems get solved fast.

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