Azure, Your Choices

You have choices.

Azure allows you to build how you want, deploy where you want and has support for all languages.

Your language, your tool, your app.

Azure allows you to build, deploy, debug and manage applications with the language or platform of your choice. Allowing you to take advantage of the full-featured integrated development environments with built in support Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Azure has the backing of the most popular IDEs trusted by ISM + develops.

Allow limitless scale for your applications. Azure allows dependence on only the Cloud, offering SQL, Postgres and MySQL databases at unlimited scale for all types of applications. Hyperscale – the solution to solve the common cloud scalability limits across computer storage and memory.

Allow AI for everyone!

Azure provides machine learning models and tools that are designed to meet client’s needs across various skill levels; from full-model development and algorithm selection using Python-based environments to zero code automated models for easy learnings. Azure support open source innovation, driving innovation through collaboration and contributing back to the community. Azure enables you to build open source at scale, from developing open technologies like .NET Core to actively contributing to critical projects.

Your choice. Choose right. Choose Azure.

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