Azure Unified Portal Experience

This is something quite small, but if you have ever administered the different SQL Server deployment types in Azure you find yourself constantly going backwards and forwards between the different Azure portal blades.

Live now in the Azure Portal, is a single blade where for discovering, creating, and managing all of these deployment types as well as guidance to help you select and create the right resource for your needs.  The blade unites the following SQL Server deployment types;

  • Azure SQL Server on Virtual Machines
  • Azure SQL (Single Database and Elastic Pool)
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
This is only a simple view at present, but it does allow you to deploy each of the different SQL Server deployment types via the blade.  Over time, it is not hard to envision Microsoft expanding on this simple start to give you a single pane of glass for database space, usage, performance and security metrics across all SQL Server deployment types.  This will become invaluable for administrators managing SQL Server infrastructure at any scale.

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