Azure, Hybrid Operation

Are you in the cloud? Still on premise? Somewhere in-between?

No matter where you are on your cloud transformation journey, Azure allows risual to meet you where you are. To integrate and manage your environments with tools and services specifically designed for hybrid environments.

The Unified Identity Platform (UIP) is trusted by over 90% of all enterprises worldwide. It allows enhanced security, smart policies, and simplified access across all environments.

Have you heard of the Azure Hybrid Benefit? It allows you to save 40% on virtual machines by using your existing SQL Server or Windows Server license investments. Take advantage of this benefit to have Windows Server and SQL Server for less.

Azure Cognitive Services allows real-time insights to be delivered and immersive experiences that are contextually aware and highly responsive. Azure Security Centre allows cloud scale and AI-powered security protections to on-premise virtual machines and IoT devices, all managed centrally along with the security for the cloud resources.

Allow your business to achieve greater flexibility through Azure. Give yourself the opportunity to decide where you want your SQL or PostgreSQL data to live. Get a problem-free database migration with no code changes at an industry leading total cost of ownership (TCO).

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Azure can help.


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