Apprenticeships: Technical Training

One of the coolest parts of the apprenticeships that risual Education delivers is the fact that we deliver technical training to learners that helps them improve their confidence in their respective job role one day per week.

Through official Microsoft certifications relevant to the appropriate apprenticeship programme, we provide training in HTML, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, computer networking and many other Microsoft related technologies. It’s been amazing to see someone’s learning journey progress from them having very little knowledge of IT to them being confident in using Microsoft Technologies such as Active Directory for example. Many learners have informed me that they or the rest of their IT team uses these technologies at their workplace but they’ve often told me they’ve never used them before, or it’s something that their line manager wants them to become more confident with.

Through the delivery of our sessions, either in the classroom or through Microsoft Teams, we find out what learners want to achieve in regards to increasing their technical skills and we help them learn the critical knowledge they need for their workplace. This then results in learners being more confident at work, with their employers being happier because of how their learners are progressing in regards to personal development.

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