Commercial Training – System Centre Configuration Manager

It’s great being able to use my skills with the Microsoft platform to help increase the knowledge of customers. This customer had an environment with SCCM, but they said they were lacking knowledge in some areas of the product. They also said that they had approximately 450 computers which they wanted to push the latest edition of Windows 10 on to but when they tried this repeatedly failed. The training we went through started off with me showing how you can perform queries to find certain information, for example which computers are missing updates or when computers were last logged on to.

We then spent some time deploying software updates and we were able to successfully fix a problem with their environment where over 85% of client computers were not receiving updates successfully.

We also spent some time going through the process of how you can remotely control client computers which can be very useful for the IT department if they need to install some software relatively quickly and it can also help with general problem solving. This is particularly helpful if software updates keep failing for an individual device, you can investigate on the client as to why they’re failing.

We also spent some time going through the properties of the configuration manager client and how this is pushed to clients.

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