SBA’s Automatically Turning On

We have recently had an issue with two  disabled SBA’s. These were turned off due to a security vulnerability and they were no longer used. However these appeared to automatically restarting and turning back on. This was not ideal due to the vulnerability and we needed them to stop turning on.

We initially thought that re-initialising the ASM would revert the SBA back to its default configuration would fix the issue. We decided to propose this to a 3rd party and they agreed that this would fix the issue. Following this we scheduled for this to be done. As the ASM/SBA’s were no longer used this wouldn’t cause any issues with the SBC its self.

To do this you firstly need to log on to the SBC. Go to Tasks>ASM (Application Solution Module)>Reinitialize. From here you can select a image version, we chose Windows Server , then click reinitialize. This will reboot the SBA/ASM and revert it back to default configuration. In our case this took around 40 minutes. After this log into the ASM and disable the network adapter.

Following this change the SBA’s no longer start automatically.

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