My Apprenticeship Journey

I’m Freya, I’m an apprentice at risual studying the Level 3 Technical Sales NVQ while in the role of Marketing Assistant, and here is my apprenticeship journey so far:


So I came out of High School I knew that I wanted an Office job, I wasn’t too sure what in but I’d always had the image of being in an office as outdoor work or manual tasks didn’t seem to fit with me. A lot of my friends were going of to College or 6th Form but I knew there was an alternate route available… An Apprenticeship!

After experiencing being stuck in a classroom for years with someone talking at me I was excited a the prospect of being able to get hands on and learn things myself. It came to the August of the Summer holidays and I was in my first apprenticeship, at a local Housing Association studying Business Administration.

Whilst working in my new role as the Business Administration Assistant, we were moved every 3 months (over a 12 month course) so it gave me a broad understanding of how a business works, the different ways people work and it gave me an insight in multiple areas of the business. One area I particularly enjoyed was Marketing – and from there my passion for Marketing grew. I loved the creativity, the events/project management and most especially the analytical side of things too.

risual Turned My Head

Before I started at risual I was already following them on their social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and I’d seen the way their company culture worked; from family days, Christmas parties to charity days. It was the kind of culture I wanted to be a part of. I specifically remember, the moment I wanted to apply for a job at risual was a photo I saw at a risual Summit where all the Directors dressed up as superheroes and clambered in through the window – it looked brilliant!

And by December 2018 I was in role as the Sales Operations Assistant, but of course I’ve mentioned that my current role is Marketing Assistant – so what changed?

I was working in the Sales team, working the back-end systems on CRM and managing a few accounts of my own under the Sales Manager. When a position came up in Marketing the Directors and my now Marketing Lead supported my decision to go for the Marketing Assistant role, and thankfully I was successful.

My Journey So Far

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m studying the IT Technical Sales Level 3 NVQ  and I’m enjoying the work so far, it gives me the chance to reflect on the things I have learnt in my role and hone my communication and editing skills. I am also going to begin studying my independent courses soon, these are 7/8 weeks courses which provide qualifications in their own right but also sit under the apprenticeship banner.

I will be studying Cloud, Networking and Software, then later in my apprenticeship I will be studying a HTML5 course which is the back end code to the website and as the Marketing Team owns this I am sure to find it useful.

Plans for the Future

Moving forward, I would like to complete my apprenticeship and all the courses covered under it. As well as getting a permanent full-time role here at risual HQ to continue my career progression.

Once completing my apprenticeship I am keen to get moving on with the next level qualifications – Level 4,5,6 and 7.

But for now I’m happy and excited to continue progressing forward with my apprenticeship with the backing of the risual fam.

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