So recently I was given an interesting book recommendation, it was for a book called ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling. This book claims that everyone has an ignorant “set-in-their-ways” view of the world – some might be offended by that statement, but this definitely peaked my interest and in true growth mindset fashion I asked “Why?”. I decided to question this statement rather than be offended and remain in a fixed mindset (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d suggest reading the Growth Mindset 😉).


Anyway, in this book, Hans Rosling had set out to dispel common misconceptions that people have using plain and simple facts. Reading this book revealed some facts to me that otherwise I would never have known; unless I had actively researched those topics. This is exactly why I wanted to mention this book here in this blog.


We live in a world where technology is quite literally at our fingertips and with it comes readily available access to a plethora of information…


“How often do you take the time to utilise this information to its full extent?”


This book discussed so many worldly concerns such as poverty, famine, population studies, global warming, endangered animals and more. It took an economic factual viewpoint, and because of it, I was prompted to research some of these topics myself. I did this because, a) I wasn’t entirely convinced that what he was saying was true, and b) I soon discovered that all the information he is referring to is literally at the end of a Google search – so why was this all so new to me? This book made me realise, I do actually lead my life with some level of ignorance, without really being aware of it. I also realised I have no excuse to be ignorant – I have the ability and resources to be able to educate myself on all these topics, but like many others, I remain ignorant because it seems like the easier option.


“Have you ever sat back and considered the sheer extent of information that is out there on the internet that any of us can access at a click of button?”


Sometimes I think we all forget what we have around us each day, it’s easy to just believe what people close to us say or to digest mainstream media, it’s far more rewarding to take the time to be inquisitive, to ask questions, to actively research and learn for yourself. And I have found the more I learn, the more I realise I know nothing at all, it’s like a constant asymptote to try and #LearnItAll.


However, I do think the first step is accepting that we all are ignorant in some ways and we have so much more to learn. Once you’ve found that willingness to keep learning and expanding your mind, I think that’s when you can truly #MasterYourCraft.


If nothing else, the take home message from my rambling blog post would be this –


Strive to keep learning every day” – It’s so much easier than it sounds.


Try to better your worldly view on matters that may not affect you and me” – But it’s still the reality someone else out there is living every single day.


Knowledge is a very powerful tool and technology is the key to unlocking that – all you have to do, is click search…

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