Automated Intelligence

Who are Automated Intelligence (AI)?

AI provide cloud-based solution, showing a complete view of client’s data estates and brining real-time insights to ensure correct governance over data. They want to help organisations realise their data potential and comply with new laws such as GDPR and risual is proud to be their partner. risual and AI both provide insightful services, however when partnered together they can achieve success in a more stream-lined, more effective and more successful manner.

Did you know that up to 80% of organisation’s unstructured data is DROT (Duplicate, Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial)?

AI’s azure-based solution reduces the risks associated with storing and managing data, allowing organisations to focus on what matters to them as they move to the cloud. AI provide a range of key values and benefits:

  • Insights –
    • Performs analysis of content using powerful query capabilities to discover insights about data and plans on how to reduce risks and improve compliance of information stored in disparate sources.
  • Remediation –
    • Performs fast, metadata-based identification, and disposal of redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data in existing data systems to provide immediate relief from data congestion.
  • Governance –
    • Performs metadata and content analysis to classify data and automatically report on the state of data – where it is being stored, who owns it, and implement retention and disposition policies.
  • GDPR –
    • Proactively finds, classifies and acts upon the presence of sensitive and personal data. Manages GDPR requests with workflows to respond to Data Subject Access Requests within hours, rather than days or weeks.
  • Migration –
    • Migrates TBs and PBs of data from file systems and other legacy on-premise repositories to the Cloud to reduce on-premise storage or license costs, exit from managed services and enables O365 license utilisation.


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