Working Away, Cycling and being just that little bit greener

The last 2 weeks I’ve been assigned to a Client, which means I’ve been working on-site.  The first week I couldn’t get a hotel close enough to the Client site.  The distance to work was only 1.8 miles, but was too far to walk, and I really didn’t want to drive such a short distance which would involve heavy traffic.  As I’m an avid cyclist, then I thought I’d put one of my bikes in the car, and commute daily between the Hotel and the Client Office.   The bike I chose was one of my retro Mountain Bikes.  A 1993 Marin Bobcat Trail.  I brought this on e-bay for around £50, and completely rebuilt it to make it useable – I enjoy a bit of bike spannering !

I parked my car on Monday evening, and it didn’t move until Friday morning.  The Commute was nice and easy, avoided using my car, avoided any car park charges, and meant I was being just that bit greener.

The Second week, I managed to get a hotel which was right next to the Client office, so this time a different bike went in the car, and this has allowed me to get out and enjoy 20 – 30+ mile bike rides after work, such an important thing to try and maintain some home activities whilst away.   So again not using the car from Monday morning until Friday evening.

Fortunately all the Premier Inn’s I’ve stayed in so far have no complaints about me keeping a bike in my room.

All in all, a combination of being good for the environment, and good for the mind body and soul.

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