Exchange Hybrid & Outlook Automapping is coming

It’s the small things that make all the difference sometimes.

Microsoft has made, and continues to make huge strides in the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard. What was once a very basic join between two mail organisations – on-premises and Exchange Online, is now getting closer and closer to being a seamless experience.

The only limitation on cross-premises access is currently the Send-As permission, so this still needs careful consideration of the time-table to migrate managers and delegates.

There is one thing which I have been asked a few times when someone has been migrated… “Where have my additional mailboxes gone ?”. In most instances, these will be mailboxes which have been added due to automapping.

Auto-mapping is an Exchange & Exchange Online feature, which automatically opens mailboxes with Full Access permissions in a delegate’s Outlook client.

At present this does not work when a user is migrated to Exchange Online, cue the “Where’s my mailboxes gone”… “you’ve broken Outlook”, and some hastily added additional mailboxes, or a quick migration of the user who is left behind.

Good news…. Automapping of Cross-Premises mailboxes in an Exchange Hybrid is under development by Microsoft… looks like release is imminent too.

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