A risual Change, Business Transformation

risual are experts in transformation, offering an agile and unique service to clients. Our consulting, services, skills and solutions portfolio help organisations to realise their full potential. We provide industry insights backed with digital management and business change strategies delivered with agile and waterfall approaches. But now it is time for a change…

Introducing the new risual portfolio and to kick off this miniseries of blogs, we are starting with:

  • Business Transformation

risual will cover Advisory and Management, Partner Consultancy and IT Service Management within Business Transformation – helping you understand areas for modernisation across your business as we engage with not just your IT, HR or Digital department but the whole organisation to identify the end user’s needs, company-wide. We are constantly and consistently identifying areas for improvement and innovation, helping you to deliver the needs of your employees; really transforming the way they work into a more productive, innovative and modern way.

Driving comprehensive business transformation is at the heart of what risual does, and each project or engagement shows that.

Under the Business Transformation pillar risual will be combining the Microsoft Power Platform with Dynamics 365 and Differentiators. risual is experienced in driving benefits through consolidating existing services and using high degrees of automation to transform your business. As well as transforming your business technology base, we also enhance your employees’ digital skills through flexible, comprehensive and up-to-date learning and development programmes. We want to enable you to help your staff grow into the digital age and expand themselves and your organisation.

Stay tuned for the following blogs to complete the series:

  • A risual Change, Cloud Transformation
  • A risual Change, Digital Transformation

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