Key tips for the ‘End Point Assessment’ Interview

Congratulations, you have made it to the final stage of your Apprenticeship and the only thing that stands in your way now is the ‘Interview’….

This final element will determine your overall grade – Pass, Merit or Distinction….

My Key Tips may help along the way but remember ‘Enjoy the ride’ as this is final part to show how good you really are….

  • Summative portfolio – Know your work & your certificates
    •  How have you used your knowledge in day to day situations?
    •  How did you learn how to complete that task in the workplace?
    •  What do you know now that you didn’t before?
  • Best pieces of evidence – Can you explain the logic behind each piece of evidence?
    • This is my job/ evidence…. 
    • Here is what I do and know how to do because I learned on….
    • This is the result and the people I worked with or for….
    • Outcome was good, bad or indifferent (or only way allowed)….
    • Using my knowledge, I might have done….
  • Employer reference – Have you read it? Can you link this to your portfolio? 
  •  What are your next steps?
    • Higher level apprenticeship?
    •  Short course?
    •  Promotion?
  • & most of all, Enjoy showcasing your best and proudest work….Show off about all the great work you have achieved over the program. If you do not shout about it, how is the independent end point assessor suppose to know??? 

Then sit back, relax and await your grade….Distinctions all the way 🙂

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