A past Apprentice review on how to achieve a distinction in EPA.

I recently achieved a distinction in my Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship. I look at this a massive achievement and a great stepping stone to develop my career.

When I started I was not the best engineer as this was my first experience in a job role, and this allowed me to look at all of the real-life situations and scenarios. With starting I had to ask for advice and help on all the jobs to make sure they were all done correctly and to the correct business standard. I don’t make a lot of mistakes as I like to have my worked checked if I am not 100% sure with the system, with asking for assistance, I can see from my fellow colleagues and they can help me and show me the best possible way to resolve an issue. I believe this allows me for the next time the issue comes in I can do this for myself. After some time of working I remember configuring the switch port for a customer and plugging this in on site, when this was in and working I wasn’t relieved, I was proud that I did that, that company has internet because of me, as I have developed over time I am getting more and more challenging issues where I can learn something that I have never done before.

It has been a long journey because of the situations that have come forward on this course, we started this year off with two exams (networking and architecture and mobiles and operating systems) these had a change in syllabus on the day of the exam. After this, I had been struggling and losing confidence with myself. After this, I have been trying to get better and better at my job role. I wanted to be someone that is wanted and someone that has a responsibility. As I was not in the right mindset I wasn’t doing the best that I could have. After breaking down in tears to my girlfriends she told me a few words that changed me “I don’t care how well you do, I am proud of you” after this I passed all exams and go the distinction in my course with this I felt confident with everything I said, this is a real eye-opener as if you are not in the right mindset to an exam you will not perform to the best of your ability.

I did this course because I felt like been in this industry is what I enjoy the most, I make not be the best and it is not my best subject as I got an A* for maths but I go for what I enjoy the most. After having work experience at this workplace I loved how my colleagues worked together and how every issue is different – no issue is the same, this interests me as you learn from everything and everyone.

My key tips for success are….

  1. Most importantly be mentally prepared
  2. Revise in a practical environment as well as reading to develop yourself
  3. Never stop believing in yourself
  4. Take your class work out of the lesson and implement this in you risual assessment sessions
  5. Don’t work all of the time, have free time to enjoy the risual apprenticeship
  6. Ask your risual assessor and College tutor for the support you need

I have enjoyed most having the quest for knowledge I thought that all I needed is what is learned in the classroom but you can learn so much more if you want to learn it. I have started to research in different areas every week and teach these to the office every week on a protocol or system. I have also enjoyed the practical EPA with the written work and the interview as the marker is able to see my physical work how I can describe this and how I can explain this. This was really good as they are looking at how I am working and the quality of my work. Finally, I have enjoyed the MTA content delivered by risual as they have shown me different aspects and having the qualifications for Microsoft is really good for my job, as everyone uses Microsoft.

I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I fell like I have learned from all of the mistakes that I have made and anything that has happened has happened for a reason

I would like to thank all of my colleagues and my college tutor for pushing me to my limits and my ability. Finally, I would like to thank risual for my EPA preparation and the ongoing support to get my portfolio work up to the correct standard throughout the whole program.

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