risual have been named a FastTrack ready partner!

risual are proud to have been named a Microsoft FastTrack ready partner!

So FastTrack, we’ve all heard the term floating about but do you know what it’s all about?

It is a Microsoft program designed to drive usage and consumption for customers on their license’s products. FastTrack comes at no extra cost and is purely a benefit of their Microsoft subscription.

The products included within FastTrack are across the Microsoft stack, including:

  • Sharepoint
  • Skype
  • OneDrive
  • Teams
  • AADP
  • Intune
  • Windows 10
  • And more…

To track all the usage and consumption a portal was created (known as FTOP). In order to be FTOP eligible the customer must have over one-hundred and fifty seats, however, all customers regardless of size have FastTrack portal access for self-serve planning and training.





When it comes to the engagement of FastTrack each experience is personalized. From customers who have the ability and willingness to be hands on to those who may have limited resources and/or technical expertise so need more of a helping hand. We can provide self-service with remote guidance from our team for those who want to do things with little support and on the flip side we can provide a more tailored experience with on-site help and/or phone calls to provide to support to those who need it.


Once again I will mention, that FastTrack is a complimentary benefit included within your subscription. With over sixty thousand engagements it is a proven process time and time again to increase awareness and consumption. It offers:

  • A remote technical onboarding experience
  • Project coordination
  • Email and data migration services for those with over five-hundred seats
  • Adoption resources, adoption starter kits – including templates
  • Best practices, self-serve tools, resources and remote adoption workshops
  • Hands on delivery for a more tailored service
  • Consulting services to give you our technical resource
  • Custom adoption artefacts
  • Change management specialists


FastTrack aims to provide expert end-to-end guidance, allowing the customer to realize the business value with FastTrack’s proven process.


FastTrack uses a three-step model:

  • Envision
  • Onboard
  • Drive Value


Envision allows you to define your vision for success, by identifying and prioritizing scenarios and building a success plan.

Onboard allows you time to complete the set remediation tasks, core onboarding, service onboarding and migration with guidance and online resource direct from FastTrack.

Drive value uses tools, guides and best practices to execute your success plan and drive user adoption.

risual services are available to support you across all stages of your rollout supplementing your FastTrack benefit.

FastTrack is here to help maximize usage and increase consumption so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this benefit?

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