Pig Wrestling – A Review

So we’ve all heard of the Rubik’s cube or sudoku puzzles – small problems that we get joy in fixing. I am a sucker for a good sudoku puzzle book yet when it comes to real life we seem determined to shove the metaphorical sudoku book under the rug, out the window or in fact anywhere just so we don’t have to deal with it.

Sound familiar?

Following the new year I’d been reading a lot of self-help books in the aim to fulfil the dream of becoming more productive and generally a more efficient worker – whether it be at home or at work. We all have the dream that we can approach a problem head on and come up with an ingenious way to fix it right on the spot… but… The reality is far from that.

A survey by the Daily Mail reveals that people spend 6.5 years of their life worrying, trying to come up with solutions to problems or just worrying about the problem at hand. It’s crazy! Almost 7 years of our lives are wasted on something that could be solved by just thinking in a slightly different way.

I came across ‘Pig Wrestling’ written by Pete Lindsay in the book store. I was attracted by the idea that pig wrestling could be used to solve problem – it has me intrigued. The book delves into problem solving on a level that I would never have thought of before. I won’t spoil the book but the steps given by Pete are simple yet so effective in understanding that maybe what you view as the problem isn’t in fact the problem at all but simply a side effect.

The framework given in the book lets you understand the bigger picture and gave me the chance to see that maybe what is standing right in front of you isn’t always the problem – just the thing you’re seeing first.

The language used in this book gave me the impression that I was right there alongside the narrator as he went through this journey to understand his team problem and as he came to each new insight I felt myself viewing my own problems in an entirely different way.

This book really is thought provoking and will definitely give you a new outlook on the problems you are facing and a step-by-step model into solving them. The most important thing being to remember that all problems are different and each will have their own tailored solution.

I would recommend this book to others who wish to be given a new outlook on their problems and enjoy a quick, enjoyable and truly insightful read.

Thanks for reading!



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