Microsoft Teams is now two years old (Happy Birthday Teams!) and recently at Enterprise Connect Microsoft announced a bunch of feature updates that will be making their way to Teams.

These include:

  • Customised backgrounds – Building on the brilliant background blur feature in video calls users will soon be able to select a custom background, such as company logo or an office environment
  • Content camera – Microsoft Teams Rooms will be able support an additional camera, this can then be used for capturing contact from whiteboards in the room, even if someone is standing in the way
  • Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams meetings – combined with the content camera remote users can add content to a digital whiteboard
  • Live captions & Subtitles – Have users with hearing difficulties or different language proficiency, the live speaker can be captioned in real-time (English preview coming soon)
  • Secure private channels – Allows specific channels in a Team to be restricted from the general Team membership
  • Information barriers – Providing ethical wall functionality
  • Data Loss Prevention in Chats and Conversations – Allows already defined DLP content to be flagged and not sent in messages

As you can see lots of great new features are coming and demonstrate the constant improvement in the Teams product by Microsoft.

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