Exchange Server Edge Role Tidbits

I have been working on Microsoft Edge Role Servers lately and there are a few things I feel I should mention. I do this in the hope that others avoid these pitfalls in the future:

Server Name

Do not…and I repeat, please, do not change the Edge Server Name or FQDN of the Edge Server! This will break the Edge server and quite possibly ensure that you end up having to flatten the server and start from scratch. Why would you even think about doing this I hear you ask…well I’ve seen instances where the server did not fit the naming policy and the decision was made to just change the name. That server ended up being flattened and recreated with the correct name as the Edge server wouldn’t work after the reboot.

If you notice that the server name is wrong you have two choices:

  1. Leave it! Who cares right? No one sees the name of the server.
  2. If you really MUST change the name, then remove the subscription and uninstall the Edge role from the server before renaming it.

In all honestly I think you would be better removing the subscription and starting again…but that’s my preference.

Intranet Send Connector

When an Edge Subscription is created from the Exchange servers inside the network, by default, an Internet Send Connector is created and all email intended for outbound is then sent to the Edge server. If there is no external DNS resolution on the Edge servers (or additional Send Connectors) to route the traffic then email will just sit and queue. This is not ideal. I admit, I got caught by this once.

To prevent this, when you create the Edge Subscription you can add an additional switch to prevent the creation of the Internet Send Connector. An example command is below:

New-EdgeSubscription -FileData ([byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path “C:\Data\EdgeSubscriptionInfo.xml” -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0)) -Site “Default-First-Site-Name” -CreateInternetSendConnector $False¬†

This will help prevent the sudden panic email is routing out the wrong way and force you to have to disable the Internet Send Connector so mail can be routed correctly.

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