Celebrating Women in IT during International Women’s Day 2019

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day! This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BalanceForBetter and we couldn’t be anymore excited about it!

The International Women’s Day campaign is to promote and push a better world, a gender balanced world and of course, celebrate women’s achievement. We want to take action for equality and support the ongoing campaign for #BalanceForBetter and #IWD.

The future is an exciting place, and we want to make sure we are actively doing something to encourage for a bigger, brighter and better future for everyone – which is where #BalanceForBetter comes into play.

The IT industry is very diverse, and highly dominated by males. As an IT organisation and strong believers of balance for better, we continuously promote women in technology. risual are committed to promoting our recruitment and development opportunities to both male and female. risual have graduate schemes, apprenticeship programmes all in which encourage both males and females to get involved with the IT industry ranging from departments such as, application development teams, managed services teams, operations and consulting teams. risual are actively involved in our own and nationwide campaigns to encourage our next generation of girls into IT careers and are proud of the number of females in a diverse range of roles at risual from apprentices to the board.

risual take huge pride in ensuring we support the International Women’s Day all year round and going forward to help encourage for a gender balance industry, equal opportunities and ensure we highlight the success of women in the technology workforce.

Abby Williams (Lead Business Analyst at risual) said;

“I have worked in the IT industry for over eight years, starting off as a Business Administrator. I have had huge opportunities to progress my career and develop as a specialist in my field. I feel empowered to say that I have created my own team at risual, leading three Business Analysts who are all female. I am extremely proud of what I have achieved, and it is so rewarding watching my team grow and progress in the IT world.”

Lauren Moseley (Support Engineer) joined risual as a young apprentice looking to develop her career in the IT industry. Lauren said;

“I have been at risual for a year and I have completed seven exams, earning me three qualifications. Since finishing my apprenticeship, I have been working full-time as a support engineer, but I am still learning many new things every day, as well as passing on my own knowledge to newer apprentices. I have also been given the opportunity to work on-call, allowing me to demonstrate everything I have learned over the past year and work independently away from the office.”

To help combat the stigma around women in IT/Technology we have introduced a STEM scheme at risual. We have had 15 employees volunteer their time, enthusiasm and experiences to inspire young people to achieve more and progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). By pushing this initiative into the workplace we should generate an interest in future women looking to work in the IT / technical workforce and also put an end to the stigma around empowered women in IT.

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