Bridging the gap – hybrid MDM to Intune standalone

Mark the date! As of September 2019, Microsoft users will no longer be able to manage their mobile devices using the old method of Intune hybrid within ConfigMgr. This comes after Microsoft removed the ability to make Intune hybrid connections in November 2018.

As of September 2019, devices will no longer receive any policy, applications or security updates. With this in mind, the hope is that customers start migrating their workloads as quickly as possible to ensure they are not left with unsupported devices.

Don’t worry, thanks to Microsoft the data importer tool is a great help and things much easier. The recommended initial phase in the migration process is to use this tool to collate all data about the objects that need to be selected from the existing Configuration Manager hierarchy. The importer tool can collect information about the following object types:

  • Configuration items
  • Certificate profiles
  • Email profiles
  • VPN profiles
  • Wi-Fi profiles
  • Compliance policies
  • Apps
  • Deployments

Once this has been run, it will provide details about objects that can be selected for import and information about why some objects may not be able to be imported.

Ready to get started?

Download the importer tool here:

Running the data importer tool does not change your ConfigMgr environment, but will give you peace of mind that everything works as expected in Intune without risk of leaving the hybrid MDM devices in an unmanaged state.

Why now?

Bearing in mind the date of September 2019, now would be as good a time as any. Intune has come a long way since it was first introduced and is no longer seen as being in its infancy. With new features and functionality being pushed out almost daily, there is virtually no benefit to running your Intune devices in a hybrid scenario any more.

There has been an element of nervousness around the modern management of Windows 10. If you have taken the step and entered the new world of Windows 10, you’ve been eagerly anticipating new developments to improve management capabilities and user experience both for IT admins and end users. Risual is really excited about the new features that are constantly being released, which ultimately provides real benefits for your organization, saving end users time as well as improving security and providing a better user experience.

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