Microsoft last month has released the first CU for Exchange Server 2019, included in the CU are the following fixes:

  • 4487596 – Emails are blocked in moderator mailbox Outbox folder when you send large volumes of emails in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4487591 – The recipient scope setting doesn’t work for sibling domains when including OUs in the scope in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4487602 – Outlook for Mac users can still expand a distribution group when hideDLMembership is set to true in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4488076 – Outlook on the Web can’t be loaded when users use an invalid Windows language in operating system in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4488079 – Exchange Server 2016 allows adding Exchange Server 2019 mailbox server into a same DAG and vice versa
  • 4488263 – X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BCC header isn’t encoded correctly in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4488080 – New-MigrationBatch doesn’t honor RBAC management scope in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4488262 – Delivery Reports exception when tracking a meeting request that’s sent with a room resource in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4488268 – Disable the irrelevant Query logs that’re created in Exchange Server 2019
  • 4488267 – Test-OAuthConnectivity always fails when Exchange Server uses proxy to connect to Internet in Exchange Server 2019

Before installing this CU i would recommend using a test environment if possible, as this is the first CU of the 2019 version it could have potential side affects. As with all updates this will require a server restart, always check automatic services are started after a server is rebooted. Some services even though are automatic sometimes have trouble starting!

For a full list of fixes click here.

To download the CU you must visit the volume licensing center.