Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 14!

Microsoft have just released the 14th Cumulative Update for Dynamics NAV 2018, included in this CU is the following fixes:

  • 72711 – The SQL connection for the NAV Windows client incorrectly times out after successfully completing an automated test. 
  • 284823 – The icon size on the Customization page is sometimes not available.


  • 291252 – Approval email messages are not sent because the company name contains special characters.


  • 292606 – “Message: (PrincipalOperationException): While trying to retrieve the authorization groups, an error (5) occurred” error message is displayed when task schedule does not work.


  • 293471 – The Sender Event Publisher is included on the pages but does not work if part of an extension displays an incorrect ErrorSenderParameter type.


  • 295545 – The ShowMandatory property is supported with AL Language.


  • 285799 – The web client lowercases the reply URL when you use AAD authentication.


  • 287701 – License changes are required. Ranges are from 70000000 to 75000000 and 80000 to 99000.


  • 290575 – An error is displayed when you try to connect to a local server (http://Localhost) by using the Dynamics NAV Universal App.


  • 290804 – “System-ArgumentNullException” error message is displayed when you start debugging.


  • 293145 – Missing dependency blocks builds of the Dynamics NAV Android app.


  • 295553 – The instance name is case-sensitive when you connect to Dynamics NAV from mobile apps.


  • 296372 – There is a permission exception in the SOAP calls with indirect permissions.


  • 296507 – An error is displayed in Microsoft Azure when you move a tenant between application services of the same version.

For more information on local country fixes click here.

To download the CU click here.

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