Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Cumulative Update 52!

Microsoft have just released the monthly Cumulative Update for Dynamics NAV 2015, included in this CU is the following fixes:

  • 293503 – The Document Date field is incorrect in a VAT entry created from a payment with a payment discount and the Adjust for Payment Discount feature is enabled.
  • 295559 – We use the Box No. filed of the VAT Statement Line page in the Making Tax Digital feature, but the Box No. field is not available on the page.
  • 295722 – “You do not have the following permissions on TableData Item Ledger Entry: Modify” error message is displayed when you set up HMRC VAT.
  • 294949 – The Item Application Worksheet page can prevent application of entries after users close the page. The item cannot be processed on transactions because the Application Wksh. User ID field does not clear when the page is closed.
  • 295384 – The Appl.-Entry to Adjust field is incorrect, so applied outbound entries are not cost adjusted for a FIFO item.
  • 289063 – An invoice discount disappears when the currency exchange rate has been changed in a purchase or sales invoice.
  • 294951 – “The Sales Line does not exist. Identification fields and values: Document Type=’Order’,Document No.=’abc’,Line No.=’10000′” error message is displayed when you try to post a purchase order line from a drop shipment.
  • 295742 – “A DotNet variable has not been instantiated” error message is displayed when you submit the VAT Return report.

To download this CU click here.

For more local country fixes click here.

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