Keep our risual employees at number one

We are committed to putting the wellbeing of our staff first. Ensuring every risual employee is happy when they walk through the doors every morning following through to when they leave is one of our top priorities.

We appreciate that being in the consulting division can be very challenging and get quite hard at times – as so can any other job. Working as a consultant can mean working away often and travelling more than those who are not a consultant.

Due to our dedication and commitment in our employees we have been working on the happiness of our wonderful consultants and making sure they get everything they need.
We can now excitingly say that we now have only 40% onsite work – and the other 60% allows for the consultants to work remotely, from home, or at risual HQ. Doing this means we have now got a much friendlier environment, happier employees, which of course leads to happier customers.

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