As you may be aware, at the start of 2018 we launched our #BeTheDifference campaign which was an internal initiative to motivate all risualites to be their best selves and be the difference to others (internally and externally).

Due to the success of the campaign, this is now a risual goal going forward. risual aim to be the difference with all of its customers, businesses, staff, partners, and more. #BeTheDifference is ran to encourage all those part of risual to make an impact with everything they do.

The initiative is the maximise opportunities, focus on self-improvement and development which all in increases performance culture across the organisation. Not only this, #BeTheDifference is to encourage for a different work ethic – continuously putting the customers priority first more than ever before, making an impact and producing work which makes the difference.

Outside of being the difference with all those risual work with, the #risualFam have been pushing themselves in various ways including, taking part in more charity work, exams and training, social media, blogs, podcasts, out of work learning and much much more.

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